Laboratory/Pilot Planetary Mixer

Laboratory/Pilot Planetary Mixer

by GRIESER 2018

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Powerful vertical kneader for production of highly viscous to plastic materials with a viscosity up to 3,000,000 mPas. The ideal machine for the production of adhesives and sealants, fillers and coating compounds, silicones, rubber, ointments, dental materials of salads and gelatins.


The machine is designed for the use of change vessels, which grants in combination with a hydraulic press out system, a complete emptying of the vessel.

As an alternative to the traditional wing type mixing tools, a highly efficient coil geometry can be used, which is able to incorporated light fillers into highly viscous masses very rapidly. In direct comparison with conventional Z-kneader, this method offers advantages in terms of significantly shorter mixing time.

 Options and versions

  • Removable mixing tools
  • Automatic screw in/out of the coil agitators during machine head lift
  • Vacuum design with vacuum unit and vacuum control
  • One armed wall scraper
  • Movable change vessels with and without double jacket / bottom
  • Integrated tempering system (Heating and/or cooling)
  • Filler / powder feed below product level enabled by vacuum suction
  • FDA, GMP or SIL compliant design
  • Explosion protection according to ATEX
  • Digital pressure, temperature, speed and/or electrical power measurement
  • Automatic speed reduction control
  • Oxygen or gas measurement monitoring systems
  • Hard-wired relais control (VPS), compact controller or programmable logic controller (SPS)
  • Automatic mixing sequences with variable time, speed and vacuum setting
  • Recipe management and dosing control
  • Batch related logging of operational, process and production data
  • Touch screen panel with process visualization
  • Remote maintenance and diagnostics

Laboratory Planetary Mixer

  • Change vessel out of glass stainless steel
  • Moveable work table

Pilot-Plant Planetary Mixer

  • Variation of the machine head lift
  • Drive power according to product characteristics and batch size
  • Movable change vessels or stationary vessel with and without double jacket / bottom
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