Multi-Shaft Mixer for Stationary Vessels

Multi-Shaft Mixer for Stationary Vessels

by GRIESER 2018

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The most advanced method for the industrial production of adhesives, sealants and other paste products.


A low-speed wall and bottom scraper feeds the other mixing devices continuously with the mixed product in a tangential direction and serves simultaneously in a stationary vessel as a discharge support. A separate screw ensures the vertical, large-volume mixing flow and a separate, high speed mixing shaft with one or more dissolver disks grants for the necessary dispersion power.

Options and versions

  • Several mixing tools on one shaft
  • Drive power according to product characteristics and batch size
  • Removable mixing shaft
  • Alternative rotation of the mixing shaft CW / CCW of the screw
  • Vacuum design with vacuum unit and vacuum control
  • One or two-armed wall scraper
  • Vessel dimensions according to requirements
  • Pressure vessels in accordance with AD2000, DGRL or ASME
  • Free arrangement of in- and outlet nozzles
  • Manhole / service openings
  • Automatic vessel cleaning system (CIP)
  • Heating coils, double jacket and/or double bottom
  • On feet or brackets for platform installation
  • Whole machine on weighing cells for dosing purpose
  • Filler / powder feed below product level enabled by vacuum suction
  • FDA, GMP or SIL compliant design
  • Explosion protection according to ATEX 94/9/EG
  • Digital pressure, temperature, speed and/or electrical power measurement
  • Automatic speed reduction control
  • Oxygen or gas measurement monitoring systems
  • Flow and level measurement systems including control
  • Hard-wired relais control (VPS), compact controller or programmable logic controller (SPS)
  • Automatic mixing sequences with variable time, speed and vacuum setting
  • Recipe management and dosing control
  • Batch related logging of operational, process and production data
  • Touch screen panel with process visualization
  • Remote maintenance and diagnostics
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