Laboratory/Pilot Multi-Shaft Mixer

Laboratory/Pilot Multi-Shaft Mixer

by GRIESER 2018

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Effective process for the production of adhesives, sealants and other paste products from the low to high viscosity range.


A low-speed wall and bottom scraper feeds the other mixing devices continuously with the mixed product in a tangential direction and serves simultaneously in a stationary vessel as a discharge support. A separate screw ensures the vertical, large-volume mixing flow and a separate, high speed mixing shaft with one or more dissolver disks grants for the necessary dispersion power.

The laboratory and pilot plant multi-shaft-mixers are particularly suited for analyzing and optimizing the mixing process. The derived process knowledge can be used to scale up the machine to the desired production size.

Options and versions

  • Alternative rotation of the mixing shaft CW / CCW
  • Vacuum design with vacuum unit and vacuum control
  • One or two-armed wall scraper
  • Motorized vessel clamping system
  • Integrated tempering system (Heating and/or cooling)
  • Double jacket and/or double bottom
  • Filler / powder feed below product level enabled by vacuum suction
  • FDA, GMP or SIL compliant design
  • Explosion protection according to ATEX
  • Digital pressure, temperature, speed and/or electrical power measurement
  • Automatic speed reduction control
  • Oxygen or gas measurement monitoring systems
  • Hard-wired relais control (VPS), compact controller or programmable logic controller (SPS)
  • Automatic mixing sequences with variable time, speed and vacuum setting
  • Recipe management and dosing control
  • Batch related logging of operational, process and production data
  • Touch screen panel with process visualization
  • Remote maintenance and diagnostics

Laboratory Multi-Shaft Mixer

  • Change vessel out of glass stainless steel
  • Moveable work table


Pilot-Plant Multi-Shaft Mixer

  • Drive power according to product characteristics and batch size
  • Movable change vessels or stationary vessel with and without double jacket / bottom
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