Integrated Systems/
Turnkey Solutions

Integrated Systems/
Turnkey Solutions

by GRIESER 2018

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Integrated Systems

A very goog example of an enhanced customer value through an integrated system is provided by the optimized method of GRIESER to suck in fillers or other solids below the product level. This efficient, dust-free method can be used for dissolvers, multi-shaft mixers and planetary dissolvers.

The typical scope of supply includes the mixer, the fluidization vessel and the special connecting system between them as well as storage systems for the raw material and product processing and filling system including the corresponding steel structures.

Of course, all the recipes and process steps can be made retrievable in according to the specified function steps, so that the reproducibility of product quality is always granted.

Another example is the classic combination of a paste mixer with a downstream hydraulic press out system. Through the parallel mixing and filling the overall production can be increased sustainably. The link hereby is an optimized change vessel for the two machines, which will move either on wheels, by forklift or by conveyor between the machine back and forth.

Turnkey Solutions

Beside the manufacturing of state-of-the-art components, GRIESER is also offering complete process plant solutions on a turnkey basis. This comprises the engineering, manufacturing, delivery, erection and testing of the process related systems as well as the required civil structures.

In a first step we take care about the analyses and optimisation of chemical processes while considering logistic and permitting relevant aspects. During the detailed engineering phase we produce the necessary flow diagrams, general layouts and detailed arrangement drawings in close coordination with our customers.

We pay a special attention to the human-machine-interface that should grant for a reliable, easy and safe operation. This includes the definition of relevant measuring data, the programming of the processing units and the overall integration into an adequate control system. On demand, further interfaces to other IT systems can be created (e.g. interface to an inventory control system).

GRIESER has already executed several turnkey plants including feedstock buffer, internal transport system, production and filling stations.

Please contact us – we are delighted to support you with our vast know-how!

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