Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press

by GRIESER 2018

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Ejection devices are the ideal complement for change vessels and serve for its residue-free emptying and filling of a downstream system. By separating the mixing and press out process a nearly continuous filling is guaranteed. Special application of this method is applied in the production of adhesives and sealants, fillers and coating compounds, silicones, rubber, ointments and dental filling materials.


The residual free emptying takes place by means of a press plate which can be driven according to the required squeezing pressure manually, pneumatically or hydraulically.

Depending on the vessel size, installation and operation requirements there are seven basic types:

Type L

Laboratory variation for manually inserting the change vessel (up to 10 liters) with a manually operated hydraulic system

Type SR

With a rigid frame for the use of change vessel by means of an external lifting device (such as forklifts)

Type HR

With lift frame, which is inserted in the ground floor to lift up the change vessel

Typ HS

With a lateral lifting and swiveling device to prevent ground outs.

Type HF

With a head-lifting device for automated entry and withdrawal of the change vessel to avoid ground recesses

Type HD

With a transfer device to a separate high-pressure vessel for the realization of press out pressures up to 300 bar for plastic products. Ideal also for use of form jets (e.g. raw material for feeding extruders)

Typ RB

For movement of the change vessel on a roller conveyor, which can be moved up and down.

Type M

Mobile variant for use at different locations.

Type T

Pilot variant for changing containers up to 30 liters with integrated hydraulic system.

Options and versions

  • For change vessels with lateral or central product outle
  • Squeeze out of the product through the press plate
  • Loose, covered or special sealing ring for high pressure applications
  • Tempered press plate and squeeze-out line
  • Vacuum hood for air-free filling
  • Variable squeeze out pressure or product flow
  • Start-/Stop control by means of foot handle
  • Remote control by separate filling station
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