Fluidisation Vessel/
Vertical Dryer

Fluidisation Vessel/
Vertical Dryer

by GRIESER 2018

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The classic feed of fillers into the mixing vessel is from the top. Upon contact with the liquid base unwanted agglomerates are created in this case, which extend the mixing process unnecessarily or deteriorate the product quality.
By using a fluidization vessel in combination with a vacuum system, the fillers are sucked into the mixing vessel below the product level and the mixing tools immediately incorporate the fillers into the liquid base. This dust-free method can also be combined with a drying process of the fillers by excluding any moisture risk with the help of nitrogen fluidization.


Conical vessel with a low-speed stirrer in standardized sizes to fit into a platform or to arrange on feet. On request with complete feeding system (manual addition, bag dump station, screw feed, big-bag emptying system, integration of silos, diaphragm pumps, filters, etc.)

Options and versions

  • Drive power according to product characteristics and batch size
  • Vacuum design with vacuum unit and vacuum control for drying processes or for suction feeding purposes
  • Pressure design for drying processes or for pressurized feeding purposes
  • Vessel dimensions according to requirements
  • Pressure vessels in accordance with AD2000, DGRL or ASME
  • Free arrangement of in- and outlet nozzles
  • Manhole / service openings
  • Heating coils, double jacket and/or double bottom
  • On feet or brackets for platform installation
  • Whole machine on weighing cells for dosing purpose
  • FDA, GMP or SIL compliant design
  • Explosion protection according to ATEX 94/9/EG
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