Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems

by GRIESER 2018

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Operation and visualization
We attach great importance to safe monitoring and convenient operation. Grieser delivers the detailed electrical planning including hardware and layout planning.
The control system is tested carefully together with the machine before delivery.
GRIESER Electrical System


  • Complete control cabinet construction, wired according to EMC for installation in non-hazardous
  • Flexible design of the hardware either as S7- or usual contactor control
  • Complete cabling of the machine including identification of all sensors and actuators
  • All safety-relevant interlocks and functions are directly wired

The machine is operated by a operator panel with robust push buttons, display devices or optionally by a touch panel with colored display (S7).

Safety-relevant interlocks and functions like for example mixer closing are actuated by two-hand-operation.

Following basic functions are operable at the touch panel:

  • Display and input of process data
  • Automatic operation with steps and variable parameters with relaying selection
  • History of process and machine data
  • Warning in plain text for acknowledgment
  • User settings such as user code, date, time, alarm mode, and display of operating hours
  • Password-protected configuration of sensor calibration, input of min. and max. values, etc.
  • Remote maintenance via VPN access

A recipe management and dosing control, optionally with connection to a warehouse management system as well as a batch logging could be realized on request.

The visualization and control panel could also be supplied for ATEX-applications, optionally.

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