Apparatus Construction

Apparatus Construction

by GRIESER 2018

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Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers and Separators

GRIESER is a certified company according WHG, AD 2000 – HPO, EN ISO 3834 – 2, TRB and ÖNORM. We are able to perform relevant inspections in accordance to DIN EN 288 for carbon steel, stainless steel and special material.

Qualified employees and certified welders assure the constant manufacturing quality of our products resulting in superior tanks, pressure vessels and reactors. Their volume range from laboratory scale up to 50 m3 and are mainly used in the chemical industry. Our tube-bundle heat exchangers, filters, and separators are mainly for the oil and gas industry as well as for the energy generation business.

On top of this, we are also specified for any kind of rebuilding, repair, and maintenance work as well as for regular check-ups.

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